Barre Fitness Class

There are many different barre fitness methods used today. At Carlsbad Dance Centre, we use the Booty Barre workout developed by Tracey Mallet, a former professional dancer, fitness star and master Pilates instructor. She conceived the program in her L.A. studio during the 2008 recession when clients wanted the benefits of a Pilates equipment session but at a lower cost. This fitness format was born and gained instant popularity! Barre workouts are hot in L.A., New York City and other large cities and we are excited to have it available here at Carlsbad Dance Centre.

The class consists of a dynamic warm up and upper body work followed by 30-minutes at the barre working in different directions with cardio blasts to keep the heart rate elevated. High energy music will keep you motivated to get in those last few reps! The class concludes with Pilates inspired abdominal and back work, followed by a stretch for flexibility. Despite the name, it's not just for the booty; you'll work your entire body and yes, you will sweat!

Do you need dance experience and gracefulness?

Absolutely not! Booty Barre fitness is not a dance class.... it's a fitness class. There is no dance choreography.

How is Booty Barre different than other Barre methods?

You will not find endless plies and leg lifts in a Booty Barre class. The energy stays high and the exercises move along in quick succession.

Can men take CDC's Barre Fitness class?

Yes! Men are most welcome to take the class. Many men remarked that their bodies respond well as they work muscles they do not normally address in their usual workouts.

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