Current Studio COVID Protocols & Guidelines

As of July 13th, the studio is temporarily closed per Gov. Newsom’s order.  In the meanwhile, all classes are still offered via Zoom. We look forward to opening our doors once again soon.

As you can imagine, keeping up with the ever-changing guidelines involved with COVID is extremely important. In order to keep everything in one place for your reference, we have created this page where you can quickly refer to the protocols and guidelines that we have in place. We anticipate having to modify, change, or remove some protocols as we move forward. When we make any modifications, we will simply send you an email to view updates on this page.

Returning To a New Normal

When you come to the studio, things will feel a little different. Following the directives of federal, state and local authorities we have several new procedures in place. While some of these new policies and procedures may feel a bit cumbersome and inconvenient, it’s imperative that we follow the rules and work together to make things as safe as possible for all. We want you to feel confident that we are doing all we can to provide the safest experience possible for our members and staff.

Checklist for Students Before Coming to Studio

  • Do a wellness check at home first.
    • If dancer is feeling ill or has a temperature, please stay home
  • Please keep personal items to a minimum
  • Use smaller dance bags, if possible
  • Bring a water bottle, as the drinking fountains are closed
  • No food allowed in the studios, however light snacks on the patio will be allowed for dancers with several hours of dance in one day
  • Arrive at the studio already dressed in appropriate dance attire & shoes
    • Dancers will not be allowed to enter the building or dance barefooted
    • Dancers will not be allowed to sit in the hallway and change shoes
  • Dancers will not be allowed to change their clothes between classes
    • If you have Ballet along with other disciplines in one day, please wear your Ballet clothes and add bootie shorts and a tank top for other classes
  • Plan to arrive no more than 10 minutes before class
  • Parents need to be prompt when picking up their children. There will be nowhere for them to wait inside the building, once their class is released
  • Dancers will check in with parent volunteers (front glass doors at Roosevelt, outside of entrance at Plaza).
  • All persons entering the building will have their temperatures taken with a touchless thermometer
  • All persons entering the building, must wear a mask. That’s ALL students, parents and staff.
  • All persons must use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance of the studio
  • Students 8 yrs and under may be accompanied by an adult to their classroom
    • Once the student is safe just outside their classroom, the parent must exit the building
  • Students 9 yrs and older will walk themselves to the their classrooms
  • For safety, we are attempting to limit restroom use. Please use your bathroom at home before coming to the studio.

Classroom Etiquette and Protocols for Teachers and Students

  • Teachers (and all CDC Staff) will perform a self-administered health screening each day before working with students.
  • Inside the classroom, students and teachers will maintain social distancing
  • Once inside the classroom, students may remove their masks (unless the parent instructs their child otherwise)
    • Be aware that doctors and other medical experts recommend that kids, or anyone for that matter, do not wear a mask during exercise or physical exertion
  • Students should find a “social distanced” dance spot on the floor
  • Teachers will work to maintain social distance amongst