General Class Policies

  • Students maintain a courteous and positive attitude toward everyone.  Refrain from talking during class except when asking a question to the instructor.  Asking questions is important to the learning process and a welcome, natural part of class.
  • Students arriving more than ten minutes late (at the discretion of the instructor) may be asked to observe the class only.  This is a safety precaution with our student's well being in mind.  Dancer's bodies must be warmed up properly to avoid both short and long-term injuries.  Notify your instructor of any injuries prior to beginning class.
  • Students should never leave the studio, after class, without wearing some sort of cover-up over their dance clothing.  This is a matter of care for your health and freshly worked muscles.
  • No cell phones or texting during class.
  • No gum, food or drink is allowed in the studios at any time.

Class Add Procedure

All students must receive an "evaluation" slip from the office prior to entering a new class. The evaluation slip will need to be signed by the teacher if the dancer is approved to join the class.  Once the teacher has approved the student, the student's parent must visit the office to complete the process.  Any tuition due for the current month, as a result of adding a class, must be paid at the time the class is added. Please see the office staff if you have any questions about this procedure.

Missed Lessons Policy

All students are expected to pay their full monthly tuition regardless of the number of lessons they've attended or missed.  Lessons missed for personal reasons/choices, injury or illness are not pro-rated or credited.  The value of missed lessons is not refundable or transferable.  See lesson make-up information just below.  Should a student need to miss a large block of time, please refer to the Vacations or Extended Breaks information in the Tuition & Fees section.

Procedure for Make-Up Lessons

The idea/objective behind "make-up" lessons is to capture lost training time and tuition expense. Using make-up lessons to access classes, other than those listed on your registration card is limited to occasional attendance in those classes. *You may not use make-up lessons to regularly attend the same class. Make-up lessons are not intended as a substitute for class enrollment. Make-up lessons may only be scheduled after a missed class.  We cannot schedule a makeup for a class that a student has not yet missed. You may not accrue more than two (2) make-up lessons, per class, during any 30-day time period. The make-up lesson must be used within 30-days of the missed class. Make-up lessons not used within 30-days of the missed lesson are automatically forfeited. If a student fails to attend a scheduled make-up lesson, that make-up lesson is forfeited, and cannot be rescheduled. Make-up lessons are not refundable or transferable. Make-up lessons are available only to currently enrolled students. If a student should drop all classes at CDC, all accrued make-up lessons are forfeited.

Make-up lessons must be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance by contacting our administrative office at (760) 434-5182 or  Our office staff will issue you with a make-up lesson class pass.  Students attempting to attended a make-up class without a 24-hour advance notice and/or a "class pass", will not be allowed to participate.

*If you would like to attend a specific class on a regular basis, please inquire about enrollment in that class through our administrative office.

Dropping a Class

Dropping a class or cancellation of enrollment can only processed by visiting the admin office in person, or submission of the Class/Studio Drop Form found on this website under Members.  CDC will not accept phone calls, voice-mail or email to initiate enrollment drops or membership cancellation.  Class/Studio drops must be submitted on or before the 25th of the month if you intend on dropping the following month.  Class/Studio drops submitted after the 25th will not take effect until the 25th of the following month. Once tuition is posted, you are considered enrolled and regular tuition fees are due.

Questions or Comments?

Do you have a question or need information you haven’t found on our website? If so, please contact us via phone, e-mail, fax (or even the old fashioned way), by U.S. Mail. We’ll be sure to get you the answer you need. Website suggestions are also welcome.  We’d love to hear from you!