CDC Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy & Procedures

Students are required to attend all classes and competition rehearsals. Class attendance is vital to your development as a dancer. As a competition dancer, your successfulness as a team member stems from your training. Class is where that training happens. Attendance is recorded daily by your teachers. Wherever possible, please schedule all medical and personal appointments outside of class hours. Unscheduled absences, late arrivals, and early departures are grounds for disciplinary action. Dancers who expect to be absent, late, or leave early are expected to notify their teacher/office staff as soon as possible. Please come to the office if you have any questions regarding your absences or to get a printout of your current attendance record. Student attendance records are examined in two ways, by individual class and by overall eight week attendance periods:

  • Because CDC does not refund or credit for missed classes, students are encouraged to make-up any classes they have missed.
  • Students can make-up in any age-appropriate/level-appropriate class or a lower level class besides their current class.
  • Students may make up a technique class with a private lesson (by the same teacher of the enrolled class) per the teachers availability.
  • Missed classes need to be made up within the eight week attendance period.
  • Two absences are permitted per eight week attendance period in all weekly technique classes.
  • More than ten combined absences per eight week attendance period in all classes are considered excessive. Even if absence limits have NOT been exceeded in individual technique classes.
  • Any lateness for class or rehearsal may be counted as half an absence at the discretion of the faculty and may be included in your absence summary. Communicating with your teacher ahead of time may excuse your tardy from being recorded.
  • School dance events that go towards a grade may be considered an excused absence. Approval from your teacher prior to the event is necessary.

Disciplinary Policies and Procedures:

Students are cautioned that exceeding individual class limits or accruing an excessive number of classes where the student observed WILL result in disciplinary action. It happens, occasionally, that a student accrues a substantial number of absences or class observations due to illness, injury, or unavoidable personal circumstances. These absences will be taken into account by the staff when examining the attendance record. It is very important that you check in with the office each day of your illness. Communication with both the office staff and your teachers is key!

  • Dancers will be given a warning by their teachers on their second absence in that particular class.
  • The office will contact the parent once a dancer has more then five combined absences allowing for plenty of time to make up classes before becoming delinquent.
  • Make up classes (*see criteria above) will cancel out any absences that occurred.
  • Dancers 15 years of age and older may have the opportunity to assist lower level classes as a way to make up absences. This is at the discretion of the teacher and will only be offered to students who display an invested interest in following the attendance guidelines.
  • If a dancer fails to follow the attendance policy and is found delinquent by a teacher and or the office staff they will be placed on a two week probationary period. This will consist of the dancer having to attend every one of their enrolled classes, plus assigned make ups. If the dancers fails to adhere to the stipulations of their probation then they will be removed from the competition team indefinitely.

Policy Summary:

It is our intention that the CDC attendance policy will serve as a guideline for all competition families to follow in order to receive the necessary training for a competitive level team member. It’s important we maintain a position of fairness and expect the same standards from all students selected to compete. We are communicating these expectations clearly and prior to auditions because we recognize this is a significant commitment. As always, our obligation is to the training of our students and their personal growth both as dancers and as people. We believe that this attendance policy will teach commitment, improve dance etiquette and advance their progress as athletes, artists and dancers.