Interactive Master Class Schedule

Below you will find our interactive class schedule.  You can filter by your desired discipline, day of the week, start time, or any combination thereof. See the legend at the top of the schedule for class key explanation.

NOTE: While all ballet classes are listed as non-recital, all ballet students will be offered ballet recital options.

Class Placement Information

Students are placed in classes at the discretion of instructors according to their technical ability. Ages listed on the schedule are provided as a guideline for parents. Students with previous dance experience will be evaluated to determine appropriate class placement. Please contact the studio office with questions regarding appropriate student placement. Advancement depends on the student’s strength, ability and attendance, with progression to the next level at the teacher’s discretion only. Students will not be moved based on years of dance, carpools or friends, etc.

NOTE: You must visit the office to register, obtain an evaluation slip or add new classes, we do not process these requests via e-mail or voice-mail. However, you may add your name to an interest-list via e-mail or voice-mail.

Studios A, B, C, D & J are located at 2808 Roosevelt St. Suite 102-106. Studio PZ is located at 2562 State St. Suite A.

Filter to Find a Class

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1 = Now registering/class not started
2 = Admission by teacher approval only
3 = 30-minute class
8 = 45-minute class
4 = 90-minute class
5 = Non-recital class
6 = Requires minimum 1-year ballet training
7 = Requires enrollment in jazz or ballet
Day of
Start Time Description