Ballet Policies & Procedures

The Carlsbad Dance Centre strives to provide the best and most comprehensive ballet training possible. A good ballet dancer is developed on a foundation of regimented training & discipline. Our ballet staff requests that you and your dancer read this Policies & Procedures section carefully to ensure that you both understand what's expected and required before they attend their next ballet class.

Any ballet student not wearing the proper shoes or attire (as described in this section) will not participate in that lesson. Additionally, any ballet dancer whose hair bun does not remain secure will be asked to sit out the remainder of that lesson. If a dancer is asked to sit out, they will not leave the classroom but will, instead, view the remainder of the lesson quietly from the side. In order to keep our ballet students training and learning at the highest level, we respectfully ask for your compliance with the following requirements.

NOTE:  All Ballet classes are “technique” only and do not perform individual dances in the recital. A Ballet Production number is offered to ballet students that would like to perform in the recital. There are additional charges for rehearsal fees and costumes to participate in the Ballet Production.

Dress Code

  • All dancers are required to wear clean PINK tights and clean PINK ballet slippers.
  • No tan or black tights and no jazz shoes or lyrical shoes.
  • Pre-ballet/Ballet I - Pink or Black Leotard
  • Ballet II, III, IV - Black Leotard
  • Intermediate/Advanced - Black or Solid Color Leotard
  • All dancers are required to wear hair in an approved bun. No ponytails please. Any dancer whose haircut is ear length or shorter is required to wear pigtails or a headband to keep hair away from